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VEP helps clients manage the strategic risks and opportunities of divesting a business, and thereby achieve optimal value.

We review the business plan of the entity to be divested, assess its strategic risks and opportunities and assess the value of the business on a stand-alone basis, less any adverse impact of divestment on the continuing businesses.

We examine the most promising purchasers for the business, what synergies each one is likely to achieve and whether the scope of assets to be divested needs to be amended to enhance value.


We help develop sale scripts addressed directly to the most promising purchasers.  Mitigating factors to likely perceived risks are set out and the full potential of the business highlighted.

We can then manage the divestment process for the client.  As an independent third party, we despatch a PIM to the long list, a CIM to the screened middle list and invite the ranked short list to the Data Room.  We help draw up the management presentation and guide managers in answering questions. 


We help the client achieve optimal value from divestment.


VEP helps get the strategic divestment decision right.

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