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Post-deal planning

VEP helps investors and management hit the ground running in the aftermath of a deal closing.


The basic research work needed to draw up a strategy and business plan is essentially the same as that needed for strategic due diligence.  It centres around market research, a structured external interview programme - of customers (current, good and bad, past and prospective), competitors, suppliers, regulators and industry observers and structured workshops with management.


When VEP has already completed the strategic due diligence on a company, it makes every sense for VEP to go that extra mile and help management firm up a strategy post-deal.  The external research on the core business has often largely been done - though there may be new product or market opportunities which require further research.  We work closely with management, through a series of workshops, drawing up and evaluating a set of strategic alternatives.


And, once the strategy has been firmed up, VEP can help put the business plan together to present a robust, winning, backable case for management to present to the new owners.  It will be a business plan that sets out to deliver a healthy return on the new investment.


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