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Strategy development

VEP helps our business clients develop backable strategies, both business strategies and corporate strategies.


We deploy our tried and tested, proprietary, no nonsense approach to strategy formulation - the 'Strategy Pyramid'.

The Strategy Pyramid has nine building blocks:

  1. Knowing your business

  2. Setting your firm's goals and objectives

  3. Forecasting market demand

  4. Gauging industry competition

  5. Rating your frm's competitive position

  6. Targeting your firm's strategic gap

  7. Bridging the gap: business strategy

  8. Bridging the gap: corporate strategy

  9. Addressing risk and opportunity

Our approach, block by block of the Strategy Pyramid, ensures that a strategy emerges which has covered all the main bases. The approach is set out clearly, along with a central fictional case study and numerous real life examples, in Vaughan Evans's The FT Essential Guide to Developing a Business Strategy.


This simple approach demystifies strategy and will help you turn your business goals into reality.

In helping clients in strategy formulation, we deploy the most appropriate tools, models and techniques to your firm's situation - both the essential tools for each building block and those which are particularly useful to your firm.  These tools are all set out in the best selling book Key Strategy Tools: The 80+ Tools for Every Manager to Build a Winning Strategy by Vaughan Evans.

The key to a winning strategy we believe to be threefold:

  • Appreciating the micro-economic context
  • Creating a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Fine-tuning the balance of risk and opportunity


We help you focus on, research and analyse these three areas and create a robust strategy that can withstand investor scrutiny and be your roadmap to further success.


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